• SAGRA logo 590wide 2012 SAGRA Championships Current Standings

      The current standings for the SAGRA National Championships were released recently and this year we have the biggest field of riders we have ever seen in South Africa, by a long way! 101 entries in the Open Downhill Skateboard category, 40 in Junior 2, 9 in Junior 1 (2012 is the ...

  • IDF IGSA International Downhill Federation. International Gravity Racing Association IGSA, IDF and the Death Star.

    This article by Gerhard Nel which sheds some light on the IDF and the IGSA was posted to the Lush Longboards blog last week. We feel it's really interesting and informative so it deserves a repost. Give us your opinion in the comments section at the bottom. “Hello, my name is Gerhard. ...

  • Lush Elevator Prog rock graphic longboard guitar Lush Longboards Elevator with Prog Rock Graphic

      The Elevator is the latest incarnation of that Lush classic "Samba" and it now comes with this awesome "Prog Rock" graphic. The truck mountings on the kicktails as of Sambas past are replaced with the exclusive Lush "Rocker" mold. With a few minor shape tweaks and the deep concave to ...

  • SYMBIAN PROG BOTTOM Lush Longboards Symbian with Prog Rock Graphic

      The super-popular Symbian returns with a sick new graphic for Summer 2012! It's the same shape, rocker and construction as the original Symbian but with Pete Fowlers "musical instruments" theme for this one to create an amazing finish for this iconic freeride shape. The Symbian is proven... freeride, dancing, sliding... you want ...

  • Sabre baseplate CF 38 colours Sabre Cold Forged, 38 Degree, Precision Baseplate

       The much anticipated CF-38 baseplate frome Sabre Trucks is here! Cold Forged from 6061-T6 Aluminium make this baseplate between 2 and 10 times stronger than other brands of regular cast baseplates and the same strength as a CNC basplate. The strength of the forging process allows for the truck to be made ...

Cult Zilla

It’s back! The “mid hardness” offering in the 72mm downhill shape, the Zilla is constructed from PSYCHATHANE formula at 83a. Harder chemistry gives a faster roll speed on smoother surfaces and longer slides, and produces a harder wearing, longer lasting, better supported wheel. As always the Zilla comes with the now famous Cult Slide feeling… 83a 72mm x 54mm 52mm contact patch Formulated from PSYCHATHANE. 10mm Spacer

Cult Hurtler

The “Hertler” is a mysterious being. Emerging from Stuttgart’s Steezhaus, he is a true destroyer of gradients all over the world with a next-level sliding style. To honour his powers, the Cult have created the “Hurtler” wheel in his image. The Cultists used 78A HORROTICA to provide maximum grip and minimum braking distance, a super smooth slide and fast roll speed. “We have modified the edges and contact patch of the wheel  [ Read More ]

Cult Risch

Race Organiser, Road Tripper, Soul Master, Helmet Maker and Free Rider, Stephan Risch has given a lot to downhill skateboarding, so the Cult thought it apt to give something back. “We are very proud to humbly offer this wheel as a tribute to him.” Stephan asked for a slightly harder 72mm wheel, ready to slide straight out of the box, capable of railling corners and but with easy predrifts. After some meditation,  [ Read More ]

The founders of The Skateboarder’s Journal have long hoped to see the full spectrum of skateboarding covered with greater depth, balance, intelligence, and perspective. After years of talking and dreaming, they decided to create a magazine that does just that and it is now available in South Africa. Jack Smith, Publisher of the Skateboarders Journal had this to say about the magazine: Our vision is this: to respect and honor skateboard  [ Read More ]

Originally posted on the Lush Longboards blog. Transcendence, enlightenment and open mindedness are concepts over-played and ridden for all that they are worth. To some it is a source of fear – to others, it is life support. You might not know what the fuck I am talking about. It’s okay if you don’t, as I rarely know what I am talking about myself. Bear with me for a few  [ Read More ]

Jaded Ink is a boutique body art brand that supports alternative lifestyles including those of Downhill Skateboarders and Roller Derby girls. Jaded Ink was our biggest sponsor at King of the Fort 2011 and we’ll surely have them on board again this year. The guys at Jaded recently launched a radio show on Rock FM 91.9 which focuses on the lifestyles of tatooed people (as the slogan suggests). The show is called  [ Read More ]

  The Cult Converter is the Cult Classic‘s alter ego.  The shape is the same and the duro is harder, but the urethane compound is different.  Or is it?  They might have spilt some extra butter into the mix, or maybe some gliding concentrate.  Or not.  With the Cult, we will never know. The Converters were the first Cult sliding wheels that I tried.  I used them on a steep,  [ Read More ]

High Rising Race Report

Written By Gerhard Nel & Stuart Barnard On the 5th and 6th May, the annual High Rising XDH event was held at the Houwteq Science Complex, Houw Hoek. The course is one of the shortest on the South African racing circuit, but what it lacks in distance it more than makes up for in technical difficulty and notoriety. First impression immediately after the initial push-off with a sharp right-hand 90 degree corner. This is  [ Read More ]

  Gerhard Nel intervies Mike Upham: Mike Upham is a pretty underrated skater. A formidable street skater, his images have graced the pages of the (now extinct) Blunt Magazine more than once. Mike jumped on the scene a while ago, and his original prawn-like style, fast, low tuck, loooooong slides and skills on the jump ramp soon started turning heads. Now that the intro is over, it’s an honour for  [ Read More ]

Lush Longboards 2012 Range

The 2012 range of Lush longboards is now available in South Africa. Lush Longboards Ltd is a company based in the UK with over 10 years experience in longboard manufacturing. Their expertise realy shows in their latest range. Rocker Concave, Camber Profile, multiple wheelbase options on top-mounts and drop-through decks, X-Flex and 4X construction are just a few of the tech specs that these boards feature. Finished off with Chrome Graphics by  [ Read More ]